Most Oddinism
Sublimated Text & Reduced Form

After modernism came postmodernism; but what comes after that? This week at the rotunda in Miami, london's Topsafe is presenting an exhibition in conjunction with Art basel Miami beach called “Most Oddinism,” a play on postmodernism. The group show, will display what it refers to as “Post-Street Art”—the movement that follows the street art movement made popular by the likes of Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Barry McGee.

“The idea is that now graffiti and street art has moved into this phase where it's quite established, the artists in this group often reflect that very element in their style of work, so it's people who began in graffiti, but have a strong reputation in fine art,” said Freddie Fraser-Forsyth, the founder of the London-based production company Topsafe, who curated the show.

The show, which was held in an abandoned concrete building, featured works by seven artists in addition to roids MSk—Stephen Powers, Aaron De la Cruz, Christopher Derek Bruno, Ben eEne, Kenji Hirata, Otto Zitko, and Patrick Martinez.
–Interview Magazine