Antwan Horfee °1984 Paris, France.

Antwan Horfee first gained recognition as an independent creative artist in Paris. Inspired by Avant-Garde art movements, he projects the action and performative aspect of his work outdoors into his gallery work, still using spray techniques for his abstracted and slightly distorted representations. He skilfully combines figurative and abstract elements, in works that are often critical about the contemporary art world and the art historical canon.

The often surreal characters in his works, which are dominated by abstract gestures, are signs of an age of diversity, noise, abundance, and uncertainty. His intense dynamics and colour palette are symptomatic of a time when the flow of (digital) images is extensive and fast. Antwan Horfee is continuously experimenting with techniques, materials and bearers as potential trademarks of his time and generation. He combines fragile painting and drawing techniques with industrial materials such as plastic, which is created with the intention to stay unchanged for hundreds of years. He allows coincidences to affect his works in order to create an individual, nuanced and contemporary visual language.